Mary H. Snyder


Mary Snyder, author and writer, currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Selected Works

Nonfiction / Media Studies
This book puts forth an understanding of film analysis, literary analysis, and literature-to-film analysis, combined with a personal exploration from a novelist's perspective.

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Writer, Editor, Scholar, Educator, Marathoner, Mother: Living the Writing Life

California Living

Living as a writer in California, inspiration abounds. The San Francisco Bay Area offers a plethora of writing material from which to draw. From the scenery to the cultural atmosphere, life is full and complementary to a writing life.


Less than an hour away is the coast, where the beauty of the ocean can restore a writer's soul. And does.

San Francisco Marathon 2015

Marathoning serves as a boon for runners, providing lots of time to think and ponder ideas. The San Francisco Marathon is only one of the many beautiful marathon courses in California. The Big Sur Marathon, Half Moon Bay Marathon and the Los Angeles Marathon all have their special appeal as well. Next, researching the San Diego Marathon...June 2016.