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Living the Writing Life in the Bay Area

California Living

Living as a writer in California, inspiration abounds. The San Francisco Bay Area offers a plethora of writing material from which to draw. From the scenery to the cultural atmosphere, life is full and complementary to a writing life. I take advantage of it every chance I get!

Warriors Basketball!

Being a Warriors fan has become especially fun and fruitful in the last several years! (Not a fan until I moved here seven years ago, admittedly.)

I think we all need a break from our writing!! What better way than at a playoffs NBA game!

Monterey Bay

Less than an hour away is the coast, where the beauty of the ocean can restore a writer's soul. And does. I was living in Monterey when a traumatic event changed my life many years ago. The beauty of the peninsula, and my writing, kept me alive. Monterey has to be seen to be believed. Its healing properties stride across your viewfinder with plush resonance.

San Diego Marathon 2016

I will keep marathoning until I just can't anymore. I'm training for my 17th for February 2019. (My training for one this past August didn't go so well, and I ended up running a half instead of a full, but I came in second in my division!!) The long runs provide me with a lot of meditative time to work on my writing, that's for sure.

Shelby Therapy

When I need a little love, or even a lot, she's ready and willing to give it. And, when she wants to distract me, she's good at that, too. Good thing she's cute.

PAMLA 2017 in Honolulu

Attending the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference in Hawaii to present a paper in the Film and Literature session proved to be the most scenic location I've ever experienced for a conference.