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Living the Writing Life on the Central Coast

California Living

Living as a writer in California, inspiration abounds. From the Bay Area to the Central Coast, a plethora of writing material abounds from which to draw. From the scenery to the cultural atmosphere, life is full and complementary to a writing life. I take advantage of it every chance I get!


And, once I got settled into California, I started checking out the marathons out here on the West Coast, having fallen in love with marathoning on the East Coast.

Surf City Marathon 2019

Admittedly, I will keep marathoning until I just can't anymore. It is my niche, as I said to my daughter, leaning over my knees after my 1st marathon in Washington, D.C. I did my 17th in 2019 and was training for my 18th when Covid-19 brought us all to our knees. Then I broke my ankle. I am back to running and will be training again for a half-marathon in 2022, and planning for another marathon to follow.


Running is my time for organizing my thoughts, and mostly, it is a breeding ground for ideas. Sometimes so many ideas come to me, it's hard to keep track of them until I get home! The important ones stick, though.

Monterey Bay at Sunset

Having recently moved to the coast, where the beauty of the ocean can restore a writer's soul, I am reveling in this new enviroment. When I was living here many years ago, the beauty of the Central Coast, and my writing, soothed my soul. The Central Coast has to be seen to be believed. Its healing properties stride across your viewfinder with plush resonance.


I revel in the beauty of the coast all along the Pacific Highway. There is not one point along that highway that isn't breathtaking, at least in my experience.

Shelby Girl

When I need a little love, or even a lot, Shelby is ready and willing to give it. And, when she wants to distract me, she's good at that, too. Some distractions are a good thing, and she's one of those. However, she has her moments. Her sweetness softens my heart, every time. (She hated her Christmas outfit, gifted to her by my son. She was begging me with her eyes to take it off!)


She has accompanied me to the Central Coast and seems to love it as much as I do.

PAMLA 2017 in Honolulu

Attending the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference in Hawaii to present a paper in the Film and Literature session proved to be the most scenic location I've ever experienced for a conference. I attended in 2018, too, but it was a rainy weekend in Bellingham, Washington. I'm ready for the conference to be back in Hawaii!