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Living the Writing Life in California

California Living



Living as a writer in California, inspiration abounds. From the Bay Area to the Central Coast, from the scenery to the cultural atmosphere, life is full and complementary to a writing life.

After completing the CA Int'l Marathon

Running is my time for organizing my thoughts, and mostly, it is a breeding ground for ideas. Sometimes so many ideas come to me, it's hard to keep track of them until I get home. The important ones stick, though.


I'm a marathoner and write about running from the perspective a 26.2-mile enthusiast. I did my first marathon in 2003, and completed my 19th in 2023, the California International Marathon. I'm always training for the next one.

Monterey Bay at Sunset

The beauty of the ocean can restore a writer's soul, The Central Coast has to be seen to be believed. Its healing properties stride across your viewfinder with plush resonance.


I revel in the beauty of the coast all along the Pacific Highway. Every point along that highway is breathtaking.